The Thaw of ’46

Something which I’ve largely kept off of this blog are the other projects which I already keep on the Lead Adventure Forum and elsewhere. This blog’s more for those threads which aren’t always suitable for that site, or one off figures.

Whilst I don’t really intend on moving any of those threads here, its probably worth that I mention them. There’s links to these at the top of this blog page as “Forum Links“. I say all this as I just updated my Alternative History WWII thread, so folks may want to check that out.

The Thaw of ’46

To give a top level description of that thread for those who are interested. The project began after reading the Novel “A Kill in the Morning”. That book could be discribed as a James Bond pulp tale set in a 1960s Nazi occupied Europe. As the protagonist hunts down the Nazi officers who wronged him during the war. Its a great little romp through alt-history tropes, and well worth a read.

In particular it was its point of departure which caught me. It doesn’t do the usual “something happened, and the war continued” scenario – where the Germans somehow don’t lose the war in 1945 and hold on for a while, creating all sorts of wonder weapons. …Out of nothing given the ruined state of their arms industry. Instead it goes all the way back to Dunkirk, having Britain and Germany sign a peace treaty, leaving the Soviets to fight on alone and the world to fall into a Cold War between the great powers.

I took this setting and decided that it would work great for a wargame. With 20 years of history to work with between 1940 and the 60s when the book takes place there’s lots of opportunities for games. In the novel there’s the major conflict with the Soviet Union, but also mention of a failed Axis invasion of British controlled Israel and anti-terrorism operations in Europe which could be played out. I decided to cover the war in the East.

When people tend to cover this period Europe tends to be the focus. You don’t see many troops fighting in the Winter. The particular Winter of 1946 was one of the worst on record in Europe, so I decided that this would be the setting for my own collection. With a whole line of winterized vehicles and troops in warm clothing to further set the models apart (other than them being outright weird to begin with).

As a setting the range of equipment available is all over the place. From early-war into stuff based on real world-post war developments. In particular I like to turn real world prototypes into models, ah, regardless of just how viable they would have actually been. It wasn’t my intention, but the collection could be compared to World of Tanks in its breadth and content – and we’ve since played games in the theme of that video game; with various tanks facing off against one another on the board.

A large part of the collection so far is for the Germans. Typical of an alt-history project perhaps. Initially they’re what interested me, and there is a breadth of information out there on the oddities their arms industry was coming out with throughout the war. More recently I’ve started to produce more Soviet stuff, and found that they had similar strange prototypes out there – albeit the Soviet development process tended to cut funding to these projects early on, as opposed to the German one which gave them free reign till Albert Speer put the boot down in the last few months of the war.

Which is to say that to date much of our games have been more of a German civil war, with my Axis vehicles facing off against one another for a lack of Soviet vehicles. This will ideally change in future, though till then I don’t think anyone cares that much considering how strange most of what’s on the table is already.

The collection’s also more recently being used for another type of game. The Walking Dead rules have become popular in my circle, and we’ve been attempting to alter them for some Nazi Zombie action. This, along with say our Star Wars: Legion modern twist is still a Work in Progress, but its an excuse at least to use all the infantry I’ve been working on and not just play with all the tanks.

So check out the thread if that interests you. Updates, as with all of my projects, are sporadic as I work on whatever catches my fancy that week. I just posted some new figures on there earlier today, with another post due in a few days once more is finished being painted. Next week I’m due to play another Zombie game, so may be able to take pictures and post a report here as well (um, if I can remember/ aren’t spending the night whinging about the rules).

Oh and if the Lead Adventure Forum doesn’t suit you I also keep another thread over on the Dakka Dakka forum. …Even if I tend to forget to update it from time to time, as a conversation can be a bit more sparring on there – perhaps for the lack of laser guns.



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