El Patron, 28mm Pablo Escobar Miniature


The model is “Pablito” from Footsore Miniatures , based on the actor Wagner Moura likeness from the Tv Series Narcos.

As for how it was made. The actual figure was designed in a 3D modelling program, printed out, then a traditional style of mould made of that master figure. With the final model cast in pewter like any other miniature. The manufacturer uses this process for both human sized figures and things like vehicles or random bits of furniture (as opposed to someone sculpting these models by hand then making copies. That can all be done by computers these days).

I painted him up near as I could as to how he appears in the show – using this particular still for reference (deciphering whether his sweater’s black, dark green or navy blue took a while…).

He’ll do for some pulp or modern games as an objective marker. Something to replace old Saddam with for our Zombie games perhaps (don’t ask why Disco Saddam keeps turning up in our zombie games set on a spaceship). 🙂

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