Dark Peak Games: Modern – Feb/ March News & Releases

Back for our quarterly War Banner news round up…

Ahem, things have been a bit quite around here lately after I took a bit of a break from the miniatures scene. Now that I’m properly back, its time to catch up on how things have been going over at Kings Hobbies and Games.


Dark Peak Games


Well the first thing to address is that War Banner: Modern is now Dark Peak Games: Modern. After a legal dispute with Games Workshop, the company’s decided the best thing would be to rebrand themselves. The Footsore Miniatures and Kings Hobbies and Games websites remain the same if you’re looking for suppliers.

Honestly, having followed a few of Trademark cases over the past couple of years, this seems like a perfectly logical thing for the company to do. The validity of Games Workshop’s dispute is perhaps another topic, but for War Banner to do this was likely the smart option to save themselves unnecessary trouble.

With all the changes in the company in the past year, making this change now will likely cause the least impact. Regardless, hopefully everything goes well for them and this doesn’t come with much of a loss, if any, to their own brand name.


North Star


Speaking of developments, Dark Peak Games had also announced a partnership with North Star Military Figures to have Nick as a distributor. North Star’s a bit of a behemoth when it comes to stocking wargaming products. Just another avenue if anyone’s looking to pick up some of the ranges outside of Dark Peak Games’ existing distribution channels.


New Website

On this note, after March a new US website for the company’s products was due to be set up. At the time the domain was listed as WarBannerUS.Com. Since the change in the company’s name this may change. For the moment www.kingshobbiesandgames.com is still available, and I suppose we’ll just have to wait for further announcements following the rebranding regarding the status of this.


With that said, here’s the round up of upcoming releases announced over the past few weeks. I’ll just be covering the Modern sets, so if you want to see any Dark Peak Games other stuff, like Mortal Gods, or Savage Frontier, check out the Dark Peak Games and Dark Peak Games: Modern pages on Facebook.



Modern Team Overwatch


One more set of figures to fit in with the existing Private Military Contractor range sculpted by Igor Karpov. This set’s a bit low key compared to the Bodyguard Detail released earlier – without the ballistic vests and webbing. They still have that Private Security look about them (if a little heavily armed for most contracts), though could equally do as band robbers or terrorists.

The set of Five’s due out at the end of May for $20, and are already up for Pre-Order on the Kings Hobbies and Games site.


Upcoming Releases

British Urban SAS

Last year SASM had put out a SBS figure on its own for sale. Now we’re getting a full squad of figures – in this case titled Urban SAS (with more SBS to follow). So far three soldiers have been shown off, kitted with what I’d presum are C8 SFW rifles (or at least some other M16 derivative) and gas masks for Urban Combat and room clearing.

These are more 3D sculpted figures, printed out and cast in metal. So far they’re a Work In Progress, though are slated to be released as a set of Five in March.


“Real American Heroes”


If you catch any of Tim’s posts on Facebook you’ll catch on to his tastes in cartoons. Heh, well with a sculptor on hand, someone thought it’d be a good idea to start work on a certain trio of characters.

No commentary on when (or if) they’ll be released so far, but well, with a certain few other figures for sale already, I wouldn’t expect these not to be up on the site eventually.



British Special Forces in Kenya, “Who Dares Wins”


This image was shown off a while ago, depicting a British SAS soldier during the recent terrorist attack in Nairobi. Since then the figure was due to have a bit of a re-work to make it a bit more accurate, though I haven’t seen much on a release date.



That’s your major news round up since the end of January. Release for the moment have slowed a tad, likely as the company continues to restructure itself and work out new production and distribution channels. The American side now had access to War Banner’s existing sculptor’s of course, which will likely mean further high quality models being released over the coming months as these modern figures can be slotted into their schedules.

Of course, Tim’s also shown interest in other settings, which may well mean his efforts are going to diversify themselves a tad as well – though with the new Modern rules being worked on at War Banner, we may well see more interest from the rest of the company in future (the existing moderns were certainly well received by the community over on the main War Banner Facebook page).

I’ll keep things updated as and when they come out, in ideally these bi-weekly/ monthly posts (whatever’s appropriate). But for the moment, this is hopefully a quick enough catch up for all the major news that I’ve managed to pick up on over these past weeks. Till next time folks. 🙂

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