War Banner: Modern – January News

Yes, you’ve already likely heard the news on this one from a few outlets. Special Artizan Service Miniatures has become part of the War Banner family, and the owner Tim is now partnering with the company on all future (and existing releases).

That may not come as a surprise to some who have been following SASM’s social media for the past few months. Tim’s been hanging out with the War Banner guys on Rocky’s War Game Ramble podcast for a while now, where they seemed to show some common interests. Well I suppose it was more than just some light chat, and going forward Tim will be working closely with the other War Banner members.


So what does that actually mean for the company? Well here’s War Banner‘s official announcement taken from their Facebook page.


War Banner Limited are pleased to announce a new partnership which brings a new member to the family.

Tim Spakowski of Special Artizan Service Miniatures (SASM) LLC has agreed to join ‘under the banner’ as our man in the US, a move that will also see us incorporating his range as ‘War Banner Modern’.

Starting in 2019 War Banner Limited will create, produce and distribute the SASM Modern range in the UK and throughout the EU. The War Banner Modern range will continue to grow and expand with many new projects planned between Tim and the War Banner team.

In addition, Tim Spakowski is named Director of Operations in the US for War Banner and is in charge of all sales, distribution and promotion for the US Brick and Mortar stores, he will also run the US creative team developing several new miniature ranges and rules while establishing us on his side of the pond.

If you wish to contact Tim regarding War Banner his email is tim@warbanner.com, we hope you join us in wishing him the best of luck!

Those UK and EU readers may be especially excited when reading that. Previously Tim was distributing his range in the UK solely through Infamous JT (who now have a sale on SASM products till the 26th I might note). However now with War Banner he’ll be able to use the UK production facilities to bring product to European customers faster.

That’s two fold for American customers as well, with War Banner’s other products set to be cast and distributed by Tim over in the States – which I can imagine, at least on the receiving end of products from across the pond, is going to be a big plus for US customers.

Not only that though, what this also means is that War Banner: Modern products are set to be available on the high street and at Wargaming shows. Tim’s already lined up to attend a show over in England this year, which could lead to all sorts of opportunities…


Now, enough of the trade spiel, what are the guts of this merger when it comes to the future of Tim’s ranges?

War Banner’s committed to expanding these modern ranges. The expectation is now that Tim will have access to the company’s resources, including sculptors, to start releasing even more models (because apparently the rate he was going at wasn’t already fast enough…).

This goes as far as the other ranges previously carried by SASM, including “Savage Frontier” – the French – Indian War miniatures which we’ve only just seen the beginning of (French Marines in Snow Shoes were mentioned). Tim had said that he has interest in other settings and periods too, and with the merger we can expect Tim to be working on both his own and other projects within the company. 

With more models also will come a dedicated rules set. Tim’s intent with SASM was to release a set of miniatures which were “rules agnostic”. War Banner is a Wargaming company, and its only natural that with this partnership that they’d want to create a game to go along with the figures (which would help to have at shows as well). No notes on just what these rules would entail, and what end of the casual vs simulator scale they’d be on, but the company has a good catalogue, so it may be one to keep an eye on.

More models and rules, that doesn’t sound too shabby to me. Personally I’ll be looking forward to the Modern range now being available locally at Wargaming shows, as there’s always been a drought of Post-WWII miniatures available there. And well, this might get me into more games now that I’ve been exposed to War Banner beyond some gamers playing Gangs of Rome at my club every now and then.


Talking War Banner specific news. This merger will mean that with Tim’s expertise they’ll be releasing more ranges in resin, which is always nice for conversion projects (and keeps the production costs down).

Earlier War Banner had also announced the acquisition of Footsore Miniatures (and their Gangs of Rome line I’d candidly mentioned earlier), so what this means is that we’ll be seeing their ranges being distributed by Tim as well (…he is just one man you know!).


Of course I wish them all the best of luck with this, and again, yes, hope to see this meaning only good things for the modern miniatures market. Now with that said, there is a bit of other “News & Releases” for this month, so onto that. 🙂


Upcoming Releases


february hilux49900230_565938410560445_176385119911673856_o

Coming in both flat bed and rear cab variants, we’re due to see a Toyota Hilux model come February. The flat bed comes with optional bull bars and other accessories as standard, though personally I’d be more inclined to shove an artillery piece of something silly on the back there. I think one of these would look nice with a rear bed just laden down with stowage for some games out in the wilds of Afghanistan or the like. 🙂

As you can see its scaled to fit in with the existing Spec Ops technical crew figures, who tend to work better than most ranges with these 1/50th scale vehicles. Ideally in future if there’s enough of an ask from the community we may see this range of technicals expand out a bit to cover some of the other pickups in use in these conflicts (you don’t see as many American vehicles tending to be covered in this scale).


Graeco-Roman Pillars

next few weeks

Ok, not specifically for the modern ranges, but I thought I’d give these a shout out. Due to be released in the next few weeks, this is another move by Tim into making terrain. I picked these out specifically as through looking into working on my own Syrian Civil War collection, I’d come across a few battles which raged across ancient monuments like these.

The intent behind these was to make a set which whilst still generic, aren’t the common type you’d be able to just pick up in a pet shop. Tim’s ethos was that he could make a set of pillars which were nice, but well, nobody would buy them as they’d just buy a set on the cheap elsewhere. They’re fair enough, and ideally the tip of more to come in this regard. 🙂



I may be getting repetitive with these closing segments, though once again, to coin Tim’s line, “big things to come”. I’ll look forward to what War Banner: Modern’s able to release in future, especially if there’s the potential for more sculptors to be brought in. Things are looking good for the modern scene. 🙂

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