Special Artizan Service Miniatures: November/ December News & Releases

After a sting of absence with these posts, I’m back. Things will normalise in the new year as far as posts here, Though that just means more to talk about in these posts.

SASM’s had a few releases which we’ll need to catch up on. With stuff which was on Pre-Order now going up for retail in the time since my last post. At the same time the release schedule’s slowed a bit over there, with some things going on behind the scene being talked about which hopefully will pan out in the coming months.

Till then, onto the releases.


New Releases

Modern Operator Technical

As part of the renewed modern vehicle range, we have here this fine little technical to stir things up a bit compared to all those fancy MRAPs we’ve been seeing lately. This one’s sold as an “Operator” technical, coming with a bullbar and M2 Browning (fitted to go with the technical crewmen on sale already on the site).

I’ve said before that I prefer the mix of resin and pewter when it comes to vehicles. Particularly when it comes to the chassis, just as pewter’s less prone to snapping off and taking a chunk of its supports with it. The tailgate also comes as a separate part if you’re that way inclined (as in inclined to stick a Zis-2 field gun hanging out the tailgate that is…).

Its a fair little kit for the price (coming in at $23.50), even without all the optional parts (which can be stowed away for converting 1/50th diecasts, as I’ve been doing with Spectre’s technical upgrade kits). If current plans for the new year with myself go ahead then I may have use for a few of these (and go so far as to convert a few to show off some of these vehicle’s versatility. More modellers should be sticking Field Guns onto pickup trucks!).

There’s supposedly more vehicles like this on the way, so keep your eyes peeled if you’re into Toyota Wars.


Speaking of MRAPs…

Another of these armoured patrol vehicles, following on from the Bearcat which SASM released recently. This one fits into a similar niche, serving with internal security forces and special operations groups worldwide (the police lights are a nice feature).

The kit comes with no weaponry, though it wouldn’t be too difficult to rig up a pintle mount to go on the cupola on the roof. Its nice to see more options out there for modern forces other than the ubiquitous Humvee, with things like this giving a bit more of a contemporary edge to our modern forces. Its certainly a cut above just a regular jeep for police forces (and would take less effort to look “correct”, as opposed to just painting a Humvee black and calling it a day).

Whilst vehicles like these can be a bit niche, perhaps if there’s enough interest this’ll open the door for some indigenous MRAPs like the stuff the Turks are using these days. I’m already taking for granted the amount of vehicles that SASM are now offering, considering what little was available even only a few years ago (though seriously, where are my dirt bikes with machine guns mounted on the back? Please. :P).

The kit’s now up for sale at $35.00 each on the SASM site. 

VIP with PMC Detail


One more thing in SASM’s character/ scenario range. Following releases like a Pablo Escobar miniature, here we have some stuffy business man type (hey, he could have those operator’s pay in that briefcase). He comes with a group of bodyguards in some generic military gear with a mix of NATO weapons (more SCARs are never a problem).

I put this set into the “scenario” category, as they fit in more with publicity photos than strictly as gaming pieces due to their poses. They’d look the part standing outside some embassy or checking passes leading into a base than duking it out with some op-for. Still, I can see guys being into them as a little distraction from all the other stuff that they’re painting at the time, and they’re up to the standard of the sculptor’s other work. Besides, there are some more animated figures now up for Pre-Order if that’s more your pace. 🙂

The set’s sold as six models – Five operators and the VIP for $24. I have the figures myself due to be painted at some point in the future (if I can find a scenario to use them …which goes beyond “The Boss told us that we aren’t supposed to get Mr Dave here shot in the face lads”).


Some more terrain details are now on sale too (and that’s the real juicy stuff for me…).

Aircon (overlay dramatic font for this, but stick with me here…)

And Bed Mats (still here?)


Which you can’t have enough variety of either. I can’t say that I’ve seen that style of bed mat for sale in 28mm scale. They’d do more for military/ survivalist bedding than the standard mattress and quilt options that other manufacturers are selling, and maybe suit the warmer climates a bit better too. Regardless, more options can’t be sniffed at, and if you’re looking to fill out a whole residential area, or just give a rooftop sniper a place for a quick kip, here’s something for ya.

The Aircon units are up for sale now as a set of four for $4.25. The Sleeping Mats go for 3 at $6.50. 



Modern Operators- Yemen


A set of three figures due out come the end of December, at $4 a model. Similarly kitted out to the PMC detail shown off earlier. These guys are supposedly based on some under the radar American operators from that area.

I know Chargedog’s got his own PMCs for fighting in modern games, but at least locally folks tend to stick to the big militaries as opposed to private ventures like these for representing their Western forces. PMCs I suppose let you use whatever you want however, with no set vehicles or weapons to choose from beyond your own limitations. You could have your guys being ex-US soldiers, with a preference for US equipment, or be more international and pick and choose what models you want, with anything and everything being an option.

I suppose that would be just the opportunity to use those more nuanced vehicles SASM’s selling, even if it means representing a fictional company. …Its not like the ones in video games do much else than use PMCs as an excuse to throw in some cool looking kit. As I type this I’m now beginning to consider just that actually. Hmn, I’d need to think of a logo first (every outfit has to have a neat logo!)…

Upcoming Releases

Now there’s not much to say in this section as work seems to be going on elsewhere behind the scenes. There’s rumblings about future ranges coming out of Igor covering other periods (as we’ve seen with the French Indian Wars range), and SASM potentially working with other companies like their Sarissa deal. As more’s posted I’ll wrap things up in this round up, but I’ll keep a lid on some unsubstantiated claims of there being much more to come in the new year. 😉

Till next time folks. Keep your eyes on this blog for new projects, both from SASM and otherwise over the next few months. I may not have posted much recently, and if anything that’s just led to a backlog of stuff to show off sooner rather than later (I hope). Anyhow, cheers. 🙂

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