Special Artizan Service Miniatures: October News & Releases

Its been a minute since by last post, and so there’s a fair bit of news to power through. With a few new releases, a load of teases at future stuff, and sights of a historical range in the near future. Without much preamble then, let’s get into this.

New Releases

Tora Bora Hunters

Tora Bora p.jpg

Having left their Pre-Order stage the American Tora Bora Hunters range are now up for general release. I’ve posted the sculpts of these before, and now Tim’s shown off a few of them now painted up.

The set are now up for sale on the site at $40 for the ten.

Someone on the Facebook group also posted up one of the reference photos used for these fighters if you want an idea of what the real guys looked like.

Tora Bora.jpg


Meanwhile the Boko Haram set now includes the African Mercenary figure which Igor had sculpted (with no change in price).

Tim has confirmed that further African figures are planned. Igor’s probably just sculpting so many other ranges right now that it’d be a shame to have this figure going unused whilst he catches up. 🙂



Austrian Jagdkommando

Similar to the GROM, SEALs, and Russian Spetsnaz, we’re now seeing some Austrian Special Forces in the works. Kitted out as a breaching time armed with Steyr AUGs with all sorts of modern attachments, the set comes with a figure wielding a saw for any obstacles in their way.

Whilst they’re based on an Austrian squad, as with the other Special Forces ranges SASM currently sells they could work for other forces currently using the AUG. I.e. Ukrainian internal security forces. …Yes, ah, I do look at every other modern release and think “huh, those could do for my Ukrainians…”. 😉

The set of six figures are up for Pre-Order now, $24 for the squad, with a release date of December.


PMC Detail

PMC Detail 3.jpg

Sculpts have been shown off for more mercenary figures. This time its a set of PMCs protecting a VIP. With the PMCs mostly standing at ease, they’d also work as guards at bases or similar locations.

The set are armed in with American made weapons and kitted out in a Western style, though that’s not to say that the official has to be (or if he could be replaced with say SASM’s South American drug boss miniature if you want them to be a bit shiftier). With these and the team of reporters we’re maybe seeing more character figures planned outside of just regular dudes with rifles.

These six will also be for sale come December, though are available to Pre-Order now at $24. 


African Tribals

The African Tribals (which if I remember right were Ethiopians) have been put up for Pre-Order. A set of four for $16.

Perhaps a bit niche for most gamers, they’d be suitable for more characterful fighters among other company’s existing African militia ranges. Or I suppose weirder stuff if you’re into Post-Apocalyptic settings…


Upcoming Releases

British Special Boat Service

British Special Boats Service in Syria.jpg

Just the one figure has been shown for now of a future British Special Forces range similar to those ones which I’ve already mentioned. The figure looks to be kitted out a bit differently than the others with the coat he’s wearing and webbing, though would probably do for generic soldiers in jackets if that’s what you’re looking for, rather than the usual un-hooded gear the other figures have.


Operator Yemen

yemen - dec.jpg

Yemen Mercs.jpg

Yemen Mercs 2.jpg

Coming in December, along with the mercenaries shown earlier in this post, are a set of contractors based on some American operatives active in Yemen recently (there’s some articles on the topic out there).

As such this set’s again outfitted in some Western gear, with a SCAR too if that’s what your into. Personally I’m into this style of figure over the other ranges of regular soldiers out their in that they look a bit more “lived in” with their gear and demeanour. Something a bit more suitable for irregular warfare than the standardised equipment which mainline militaries (attempt to) arm their soldiers with. Though maybe that’s just my background in Post-Apocalyptic games. 🙂



Additionally more Technicals have been mentioned with two more on the war which are in the process of being moulded and casted. Hopefully with some images available at some point this month.

(Insert image of a random technical in Syria here)

I’m still kind of confused why nobody’s shown off one of these bikes armed with DShKs which have become so prominent in the Middle East recently. They’d be such a simple conversion of one of the existing 28mm bikes out their with a spare DShK. Go on then one of you (I keep telling myself not to start a MENA collection…).


Other Projects

Savage Frontier

Savage Frontier - Cover.jpg

The big news this month has been the announcement of the Savage Frontier range. Covering the French & Indian War of 1754, SASM intends to release at least four sets of figures covering the conflict.


So far Tim’s begun one of his “TimStarters” for the first set of figures, “Roger’s Rangers”. These will be eleven models priced at $30 for the set based on this group of light infantry, wearing their distinctive green wool uniforms and bunnets.


The intention behind the first set is to reach a pre-order goal of $2000 to fund the project. Totalling 66 individual pledges. With the intent being to judge interest in the subject matter.

This will be running through till the eleventh of this month, so if you’re wishing to get into this range now’s the time. 


And as an aside to this project, further character pieces related to historical eras have been hinted at being a possibility. This fellow’s maybe a bit out of place with the Seven Year’s War sets. 😉

Savage Frontier -character.jpg


You may not be aware, but SASM also have a range of terrain available besides all their vehicles and figures. For a while now they’ve had a 3D printed CIA Compound, and have recently partnered with Sarissa for an upcomming MDF release of the same product.


libyan CIA compound - Sarissa.png


CIA Compound.jpg

We’ll have to see where this project takes the company. I know that Spectre Miniatures too have done some work with Sarissa, at least based on the building’s they’ve been using on their show boards, but it may not be as official as this. Again, like the Savage Frontier range and their other products, whether we see more stuff like this for sale is likely down to if there’s a customer base or not for it. Though given Sarissa’s existing range, I can’t see why not.

The original compound is still available, along with a seperate building from the set on the SASM website.

There’s been a lot of talk on SASM’s Facebook page regarding similar partnerships recently, so we’ll have to see how all this pans out and if there’ll be many more product releases in future like this.


There’s the lot for another month. Sorry for any delay in posting this, things have been a bit hectic on my end if my posting schedule hasn’t been an indication, but I’ll try and keep you guys up to date on any big news coming out of SASM currently. Keep your eyes on the blog for some more modern miniatures posts, and possibly another review soon if things pan out as planned. 🙂

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