Special Artizan Service Miniatures September News & Releases

And we’re back, again belatedly delayed, but in this case at least that means there’s a back log of releases. So here’s a round up of what’s been happening at SASM for the month of September.

First up, a shout out to Infamous JT, SASM’s UK supplier, who’re now giving 5% of all sales to charity. Jamie’s looking to have the entire SASM line in stock, so if you’re in the UK or Europe he may be your first port of call for these products.

Infamous JT - UK supplier - 5% to charity.jpg

And now on to the news.


Humvee – Base Kit

The second of SASM’s Humvee kits is now available. Aimed at having a modular set up, with the intention of expanding its add-ons in future.

The base vehicle covers your bog standard Humvee without any modernisation upgrade modules (unless we could the nudge bar). Coming with an open for an open or closed cargo bed, and .50 cal included. The turret well is deep enough for a full figure to stand in (as with the GMV Flyer), so should be compatible with any of SASM’s own Technical Gunners set.

The doors come as complete unit, which fit into indents on either side of the vehicle. With pre-drilled holes if anyone wants to hold them on with magnets to swap them out for some alternative ones. As are the wheels and supports metal …in case of butter fingers. 😉

Currently the base kit’s retailing for $20.00.

Hmv - doors.jpg
Humvee – Operator Addon

The first of a proposed series of addon kits for the Humvee is also out. This one being a set to upgrade the Humvee with extra armour and stowage.

Whilst the doors and turret look like they could be easily swapped out, the rest of the bits will likely have to be glued on in case anyone’s wanting to magnetise the kit. Tim’s also said that these pieces would be compatible with the existing Dumvee kit (which has an interior). Though some work would be required for everything to fit smoothly (as does the Dumvee has a tarp covered roof which if you include these doors, you may want to replace).

This set is retailing for $15.00 for all the bits. Which seems more than reasonable for the amount of pieces included.

I’d be interested in seeing what options are out there for future kits like these. Potentially upgrades which represent foreign vehicles like those used by the Polish GROM. Currently plans seem to be focused on making addons for this new Humvee, which has been built to be modular, rather than the existing Dumvee.

Spetsnaz – Scorpion Belt-Fed PKP

With the Russian Spetsnaz having been released recently, some had asked for the Scorpion Gunner to be sold separately, so well, here he is.

With a head swap he’d be representative of other forces that have been shown to be testing these, like say the Ukrainian Separatists. I’d already bought one of Spectre Miniature’s own Spetsnaz figures for this purpose …but well, I really should go back and finish that squad of Russian operators I already have. 🙂

This figure is currently for sale at $4.00.


Stowage – New & Expanded Sets – Out October

With an eye for adding to the existing modern range with some more universal items, SASM’s gone ahead and produced a fairly comprehensive set of stowage.

Below’s a list of just the new items, and if you head on over to the site you’ll find the rest which are already up for sale.

These are currently up for Pre-Order, with a release date set for the first week of October.

War Correspondents – Out November
Another range of figures sculpted by Igor Karpov. Complementing the civilian figures which he’s already done, it looks like SASM are due to sell some War Correspondents too. 
The topic of modern war correspondents was brought up recently on Facebook, and at the time the offerings seemed a bit light on the ground. From what I can see here this set’s the most expansive out there for this admittedly niche subject matter.  Still, I can picture some nice dioramas featuring some of these figures, or scenario ideas (an intrepid reporter dodging sniper fire to get the best shots… Serpentine!)
The set of seven figures will be on sale come November, going for $30 for the set.


Upcoming Products

Spetsnaz – SPG-9 Team

The first in a planned series of weapons teams, comes a pair of Russian Spetsnaz operating a SPG-9 Recoilless Rifle.


A Kord Machine Gun has also been mentioned as being in the works. With individual crew for each weapon. Hopefully these crews will be available separately at some point for use with other manufacturer’s weapons which don’t come with figures like this, though the cost of the actual gun in each set is probably negligible overall. With a head swap these could serve in a few modern forces (or even leave the heads as they are seeing as how universal those bump helmets are).

French Foreign Legion

More of Igor Karpov’s work. SASM already have an existing range of FFL available, based on some older sculpts, but folks have asked for more figures. Especially ones armed with FAMAS.

Its been discussed that modern French soldiers would likely be armed with HK416, but Tim’s response to that is that existing US Navy SEALs figures with their Colt based rifles would be suitable for those. Instead, despite the lessening use of the rifle, he’s accommodating for requests for a set of figures armed with the FAMAS (for rule of cool I suppose …otherwise why would he also be making a set of US Spec Ops on horses…)

French Foreign Legion.jpg


Some early work on an LATV’s was also shown recently. This one appearing to be semi modular in construction, though with Tim’s comments indicating that he’s wanting to produce a vehicle as up to date as possible. No ETA on this one, so keep your eyes peeled on the SASM Facebook page (and tell Tim if there’s any developments that he doesn’t know about!).

LATV - in production.jpg

M1 Abrams with Tusk 

Also mentioned in passing, apparently SASM is currently working on the masters for a modernised Abrams tank. Spectre Miniatures recently released a set of RCWs which would fulfil a similar purpose were they to be added to Empress Miniature’s existing Abrams, but we’re a bit light on the ground as far as other upgrades like ERA.

And that’s it for September’s news so far. Remember to check out the Special Artizan Service Miniatures page for news and discussion of their products, as well as the Modern Miniatures Warfare Group if you’re wanting to find out what’s happening in this particular market as a whole.


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