Miniatures News: Special Artizan Service Miniatures August Releases, Part II

Here’s another quick round up of Special Artizan Service Miniatures. This one’s covering what new stuff’s been covered since my last post two weeks ago on the company.

The first point of order is to mention again that SASM have a sale on select items till the end of this month to celebrate Tim the owner’s birthday. The items on offer were covered in my last post.


“From now till August 31st, take an additional 20% off the following products:”

28mm Armored Limousine
28mm CIA Juarez Operators
28mm Contractor Benghazi
28mm French Foreign Legion
28mm German Kommando Kayak Team
28mm German Recce Unit
28mm KSK
28mm Mexican Cartel Members
28mm Modern BearCat
28mm Modern DNR
28mm Modern Dumvee
28mm Modern GMV Flyer
28mm Modern Taguar Luxury Car
28mm Modern Ukraine SVU
28mm Russian Spetnaz
28mm SAS with Dog
28mm SOC-R Boat
28mm Special Operator with Prosthetic Leg
28mm World War 2 Rangers


Furthermore, Infamous JT have expanded their range of SASM products and currently have a sale on too. With 10% off with the offer code: launch10. They’re now SASM’s UK distributor, so if you’re in the UK or Europe maybe give them a look.



New Releases

For those looking for some more modern Spec Ops, the GROM have been expanded with a second set – similarly outfitted as the first. This set comes with Grenade Launchers on a few of their rifles, and aĀ  few more different poses than the first lot. If you’re looking for some figures with NVGs then they’d work well with the other company’s existing ranges – or with SASM’s existing GROM and SEALs. *



As for Pre-Orders, the second group of Spetsnaz are now up for sale on SASM’s site. These ones using 3D masters for their moulds rather than traditional sculpting like the first set.

As with the SEALs these guys have a similar amount of fancy kit (though with a few more pouches). The set comes with a load of modded out AKs, with three MGs for support (…which is a bit under armed for modern Spetsnaz šŸ˜‰ ), one of which has a belt fed system attached (currently having been trialed in both Ukraine and Syria). In particular each figure comes with a face mask, to keep out the dust, and well keep their identities anonymous in case they’re up to some off the books stuff…

Currently they’re being sold at $54 for twelve – or $4.50 a model, and will be shipping by the end of August.



Upcoming Releases

Another set of Igor Karpov’s sculpts have been shown off too. They’re not quite as odd looking as those Ethiopian tribesmen, but up they’re in a modern market dominated by European soldiers in fancy tacticool gear. This set represents a group of American Special forces wearing Afghan National Dress (and could easily work as actual Afghan fighters with better equipment). Specifically based around the Battles surrounding the Tora Bora cave complexes, though would cover the wider war outside of that.

I’m all for figures like these. Modern wargaming varies between being a military simulator, all the way to John Woo esque firefights. When it comes to my own figures I’m more into character pieces than 100% accurate recreations of some spiv with an AK. These figures are in no doubt accurate to the real soldiers, but at the same time a bit “out there” in terms of your typical modern figure, so have that appeal of being a bit more eye catching on the table.

Upcomming -October -Tora Bora

And well, some of them like that guy with the baseball cap, cloak and AK on the top row there are very Post-Apocalyptic looking. šŸ™‚

This set’s due out in October.

tora bora1

A start on a further (unexpected) set of civilians. Earlier SASM had shown off some European civilians, but this lot’s a bit different – presumably to fit in with the burgeoning MENA range. So far its a set of six women in local dress (though it’d be difficult to tell just who and what was under those dresses, I can see a “hunt the IED” type scenario with these ladies), with the potential for more if we keep our fingers crossed. Again, I’m all for figures like these to bring a bit more colour to games. šŸ™‚

Upcomming -MENA Civilians2Upcomming -MENA Civilians


In other news, Tim’s been uploading a lot more videos to the company’s Youtube channel lately. Covering “unboxings” of the latest products – showing how they come out of the box, and what the figures look like in the hand instead of just pictures on a screen (huh, sounds a lot like what a guy on a certain dumbly named blog’s been doing…).

They’re worth a look, as at least personally I’ve found it interesting to hear Tim’s own views on the design intent of certain figures. For instance why his Spetsnaz are all wearing face masks, or have those little wires over their shoulders.


Metal Oak Casting Studios

And lastly, and something which caused the delay in posting this blog post, SASM have announced a partnership with Metal Oak Casting Studios, to offer custom miniatures production to customers.

“Metal Oak Casting Studios and Special Artizan Services Miniatures are happy to announce our partnership to support creators by offering a one stop shop for miniature creation. By combining the skilled sculptors and printing services offered by SASM and the quality molding and casting offered by Metal Oak we hope to help grow the American model market by offer quality services at a competitive price with local support and efficient timelines.”

With the rate at which SASM are capable of putting out figures, this seems like it makes sense to expand those offerings into the wider market. So far the specifics haven’t been laid out yet, but it may be a situation similar to for instance the services available from companies like Brother Vinni.

Keep your eyes out folks though if that’s something which interests you. We’ll have to see what sort of pricing and timescales are being proposed. Still, if that means more custom miniatures being available for those willing to go ahead with the service then that’s a resource for the community. šŸ™‚

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