Miniatures News: Special Artizan Service Miniatures August Releases

Here’s another quick round up of what’s been going on over at Special Artisan Miniatures. Since my last post we’ve seen more new releases, some stuff going up on pre-order for later this month, and bits and bobs of progress on some vehicles.

Oh, and a sale. Everyone likes sales. πŸ™‚


First we should be concerned about the Sale now on over at SASM to celebrate the owner Tim’s birthday (or I suppose for him to give a little back to the community). This is running from now (or a few days ago that is) till the end of August.


Its 20% off on everything below:

28mm Armored Limousine
28mm CIA Juarez Operators
28mm Contractor Benghazi
28mm French Foreign Legion
28mm German Kommando Kayak Team
28mm German Recce Unit
28mm KSK
28mm Mexican Cartel Members
28mm Modern BearCat
28mm Modern DNR
28mm Modern Dumvee
28mm Modern GMV Flyer
28mm Modern Taguar Luxury Car
28mm Modern Ukraine SVU
28mm Russian Spetnaz
28mm SAS with Dog
28mm SOC-R Boat
28mm Special Operator with Prosthetic Leg
28mm World War 2 Rangers
Which looks to include a good number of new releases if you’ve been interested in those. πŸ™‚
Now onto releases.


New Releases

SASM now have the crew figures from their SOC-R Boat available as an individual set for use as technical crews, with a bit more of a spec-ops edge. If you’re looking for some figures which are a bit more appropriately scaled for your 1/50th vehicles …without looking huge, I’d recommend this set – at least in trying them out with my own models.

They come as a set of six figures, in varying poses for $24. So about Β£3 a model. The arms are loose from the torsos, so you could maybe even try swapping out those for some out of the SEALs set if you want them to have rifles, or for the SEAL figures to double as gunners.


Also released, and on the other end of the scale from all these nasty soldiers. Some European Civilians, clearing the hell out of whatever warzone you’re currently fighting in.

These are another set by Igor Karpov. Done up in a style suitable for Chechnya by eye. Though equally suitable for anywhere in Europe from the 20th century. They probably wouldn’t be that out of place in WWII to be honest, or if you paint them up with some more fluorescent colours they’d do for the modern day.

They come as a set of 10 for $30. So Β£2.30 a model.


We’ve also seen some more miniatures for the “Conflict Ukraine” range come out. A group of fighters on the side of the Ukrainian state.

These are more miniatures from Igor, following the earlier release of Seperatist forces last month. This lot different from the Seperatists in the inclusion of some more Western looking gear …and baseball caps. Giving them more of a modern look than the other set, who had a mix of Soviet and after market stuff.

Personally, these would do for loads of stuff outside of Ukraine, which I think was the intention. They’re just the part for mercenaries, or if paired with Tiny Terrain Chechen Wars line (also by Igor) they could be the more elite forces among all the militia rabble (I already have mine on pre-order…).

This lot are available now at $40 for 10. Again about Β£3 a model.



At the time of writing SASM’s Boko Haram have been put up for Pre-order, with the intent to go on sale at some point later in the month.

These’ll be a set of 10 fighters, done up in a similar style to the ISIS figures out last month. Though generally with more typical equipment for the region, rather than the top of the line gear that the ISIS set had. Given that, they could work as fighters from multiple conflicts over the past few decades. …Or paint them up in a garish red and they could do for some fictional modern pirates. πŸ™‚



Meanwhile, there’s some pictures showing an Oshkosh SandCat going off to the moulds.

The SandCat covers a family of vehicles in use worldwide. Originally developed in Israel this variant is now built by the American company Oshkosh. If you’re looking for an armoured car for some of the smaller, or lesser known states out there (at least those represented in miniatures form I mean), then this may up your alley. With it currently in service with Canadian, Mexican, Polish and Ukrainian forces, amongst others.

SandCat - Being Moulded

SASM have gone on to show more images of their upcoming Humvee variant. This one follows their earlier Spec Ops Humvee that had an interior. Instead being similar to their GMV Flyer, with a solid resin body which then has additional pieces added onto it for detail.

I believe SASM’s intent is to expand their line up of variants over time. With this one being a more heavily armoured one like we’re currently seeing in service. (I’ve prodded Tim to make some of Ukraine’s variants to go with his Conflict Ukraine line …ah, that’ll never happen of course!).

This would come as a single Humvee, with all the addons and bits included in the base kit, rather than as separate listings I believe. Similar to SASM’s other stuff. Though with the modularity of their other stuff in case you want to leave certain bits off (we’ll have to see how that far that extends).

Hopefully this will mean we see some of the variants out there that aren’t currently available in 1/50th. Not just the fancy American stuff, but stuff from other Western forces ideally. With SASM already doing one with an interior we could perhaps see some of the rest of the world’s stripped down spec ops versions if that’s where they decide to go. I’m reminded of the 1/35th scale BlackDog Julkat Humvee for instance (which would be a wonder to see in this scale).

Finally, some of SASM’s stuff is now due to have a European distributor. Infamous JT, who are currently dealing with their Warsaw Uprising Kickstarter, have said that they’re going to stock SASM’s Polish GROM once their site launches. We’ll have to see if that leads to an expansion in their stock eventually. πŸ™‚

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