So I have a bit of a thing for Technicals…

Its been a while since I’ve managed to properly touch much in the way of wargaming figures for my Eastern European project. So, bringing things back around to the last time I posted some military hardware for that conflict, here’s what’s happened with the technicals since then.

“Spec Ops” Land Rover

The biggest thing holding me back from finishing the “Spec ops” technical was getting a hold of some crew. At first I tried the 1/48th scale Airfix which were intended for the kit. Whilst they fit well enough, the problem was that they were too tall for my 28mm infantry (oi, 28mm miniatures manufacturers sell vehicles which are scaled to your damn figures!). Instead I had a look about for potential alternatives, and decided upon Spectre Miniatures’ Razor crew.

There’s three problems with these figures as they are now. One: they’re too small, so look like children, but yeah, that’s the scale’s problem. And two, that the Razor has really cramped seating. These guy’s knees are going towards chest level with how bunched up they are. Thus why this vehicle now has doors to cover these issues. The last problem is that ah… they’re Americans. I didn’t know going in, but the Razor’s in use by American forces. See I mixed it up with the Russian buggy the Chaborz, and though that these were Russian crew with a souped up Kord MG. So they may not be fully suitable for irregular forces in an Eastern European conflict. Though saying that, they could have sourced that MG through back channels, or I could replace just the gun with something more suitable eventually.

The guy in the back’s one of their generic special forces gunners, who doesn’t have as many of the same problems. Of course, only after I’d ordered these guys was my memory jogged that Empress do a set of crew figures for these Airfix kits which are more appropriately scaled… As did the SASM order come with some gunners who would have been perfect for this. Ah well, I’m committed now and not in the mood to go tearing out a second set of crew figures (though they’ll probably have to come out for painting, at least the guy in the back). 

Land Rover Flak

Elsewhere I was able to work on this other Land Rover. The issue with not being able to work on this one was that Spectre missed out a critical part for the AA gun with my first order, so I had to wait for a second to arrive before I could do anything about this. Now that its arrived …and I set aside my other distractions, I’ve been able to finish putting this one together.

The gunner’s had a bit of modification to make him look a bit less like some Middle Eastern Militant. Notably that Russian style (or rather Swedish) ballistic helmet, which he presumably looted out of some depot or bought off of Ebay. I wish Spectre would release some Western crew for their technicals instead of all the MENA ones (they literally have one non-MENA crew member on their whole site that I can see). I guess that’s why Special Artizan Service Miniatures have said they’re going to release their own gunners, though unfortunately none of them will fit this particular weapon.

“Upgraded” Ba-64b

This one hadn’t had much done to it when I’d originally posted it. Now its come along a bit. I’d managed to work out what I wanted to do with the gunner’s platform, going for something like the real vehicle its based on. Its going maybe a bit lighter armed compared to the other two technicals from this post, but still seems reasonable for what it is (and its nice to have some variety in games). For the moment its still sans a gun and gunner (plus a load of sanding), as I’ve ran out of DShKs (again), but there’s no rush in having it painted. 

This one will probably be painted in a tan camo like the real vehicles, as will the first two likely be done up in either their basic civilian colours, or a similar hand painted style camo. We’ll see what takes priority, as whilst making shooty vehicles is fun …I’m still in constant need to have more terrain painted.

For those who have an appreciation for technicals, I’d recommend you head over and have a look at this particular sub-reddit (appropriately named). It covers all sorts of Improvised Fighting Vehicles, and has been a great resource for this sort of thing (besides random Facebook users posting up their war snaps!).

As I’ve said elsewhere then, besides this stuff I’ll hopefully have more bits for my modern project coming along over the next few days. Some Spetsnaz for my Nationalist forces are on the table, converted from the SEALs which I posted earlier. Along with work starting on converting that Spectre Humvee to be better suited for this particular conflict (i.e. hacking off half the detail which made such a point about having miscasts in my review). Ah, which comes first here is going to be based on …what has the biggest gun. …Ah, I mean which has the most use in games.

(Like hell half of this stuff will ever be used for more than one game…)

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