Wargaming News: Special Artizan Service Miniatures – July So Far

Doing this a bit on the regular, here’s what’s been happening with this company since the last time I posted.

I’d recommend for anyone wanting to keep up on Modern Miniatures news to check out Michael Charge’s blog. He tends to have most of the bases covered. I’m just filling in the blanks and giving my own opinion when something catches my eye. Oddly he doesn’t really cover SASM much, so I’ll do my best to even that out here.

New Releases

Things again seem to be going at a fair pace over at SASM, with two new vehicles and ten figures going up on sale this month.

First up, a set close to my own heart. The Conflict Ukraine range starts off with a set of 10 Separatist fighters from the Donbass People’s Republic (DNR).

These figures are sculpted by Igor Karpov, and should fit well with previous releases by this sculptor – notably Tiny Terrain Model’s Chechen War Kickstarters, should you be looking for more figures to add to your collection.

The set are armed with Soviet era weapons and wear a mix of military and outdoor wear for that militiaman look. They stand out from say the aforementioned Chechen Wars range with the inclusion of more modern gear, like knee pads and radios (or the odd baseball cap), but otherwise are your generic Eastern European fighter types.

There’s plenty of character with these guys, and would probably do for representing fighters beyond the DNR. Frankly they would work for either side in that conflict. Beyond Ukraine I could see them serving as Mercenaries or rebels worldwide (uh, maybe that guy bought that Cossack hat from a thrift store). Were you to replace their heads with specific helmets they could be used for even more forces in those countries with less uniform militaries.

I’m certainly picking these up for my own Eastern European moderns. SASM have a further as yet unseen set of ten figures which will represent the Ukrainian Nationalist forces. Hopefully that will mean a mix of more Western gear with this old Soviet stuff; possibly the odd NATO gun or one of those Ukrainian made AR-15s. We can hope. 🙂

They’re on sale right now for SASM’s standard price of $40 for ten.


Elsewhere an American BearCat Armoured Personnel Carrier also came out a few days ago.

I can’t remember seeing much in the lead up to this, but SASM seems to have all sorts of stuff saved up for future releases…

The Lenco BearCat’s an APC currently in service with law enforcement and military forces worldwide. Being your sort of generic “SWAT” vehicle that you see whenever armed response units turn up in the United States. One of these would certainly be appreciated for those wanting some sort of modern looking security vehicle, at least based on all of those threads I’ve seen where the nearest suggestion’s been to go buy a Humvee or 1/43rd armoured van…

The kits following SASM’s newest releases in being a mix of resin and pewter, with the bits especially prone to breaking off coming in pewter (wing mirrors, wheel axles, foot steps). If their GMV Flyer’s anything to go by then it’ll be another high quality release.

You can find the BearCat available on SASM’s site going for $40.


And the last of the miniature releases this month (so far) is something else in their civilian vehicles line, the “Taguar Luxury Car”.

The perfect vehicle for your High Value Target to be driving when they’re ambushed during a kidnapping scenario…

Rather than having separate axles like the Flyer kit, this one looks like it’ll be similar to SASM’s earlier Civilian vehicles by having the wheels connect directly onto the resin. Which should be fine as the vehicle already has a low profile. Surprisingly this kit too has pewter components, which may well be a standard for SASM with their vehicle kits to come (and certainty is appreciated).

The Taxuar’s available now for the princely sum of $13 (which is damn competitive for something which you may want to buy a few of for scatter terrain!).

Upcomming Releases

Now onto looking at what’s being happening with their Pre-Orders and teases of future products.

First up we have more Russian Spetsnaz.

Spetsnaz- PreOrder

Taking a similar path as their earlier SEALs, these are 3D modelled rather than being traditionally sculpted like the first set of Spetsnaz SASM released. Their uniforms look a bit more generic than those, who were a bit more specific to the current conflict in Syria with their neck scarves (though this lot carry over face scarves , but those could easily be to hide their identity if you don’t want to use them out in the desert).

Pose wise they’re similar to the SEALs too with what’s been seen so far, with a mix of action and patrolling poses (plus another “eyes on” guy). I’d say they have a bit more of an edge over the SEALs with their kit, as they have a bit more in the way of pouches, and personally I kind of prefer that they have sunglasses and scarves, rather than exposed faces (helps with the persona).

Of the two Spetsnaz sets, I’d likely recommend that you pick these up when they’re released over the originals. As they’re computer modelled the lines look a bit neater than the traditionally sculpted ones, as do the attachments on the guns seem cleaner than the ones which their sculptor made themselves. Regardless, these will do for soldiers world wide, and I’d recommend you pick them up if you’re wanting some Special Forces armed with AK platform guns if you don’t want the M16s that the Seals have (they do appear to be wearing Russian ballistic vests, but who’s going to know?).

Spetsnaz “Альфа” are available for pre-order now at $45 for ten (*edit, now $54 for 12), due to be released by the end of August this year.


We also now have a look at the full 12 ISIS fighters.

It seems like Igor got a little carried away with this lot, as I’d thought there would be only 10…

At a glance these look like they’ll be perfect for anyone wanting to have an “elite” element to their militant forces. Not necessarily just Jihadists thought, they could easily work for Western backed rebels too (where else would they have found those guns…). The mix of NVGs and gun attachments definitely gives them that “tacticool” look, and well, its 50/50 on whether they’re using all that gear because they know what its for, or just want to look cool…

Definitely an interesting looking line, and I’ll give SASM props for coming up for such a unique idea. They could have just done them up as guys with Aks, but all that NATO equipment sets them apart from the run of the mill militants that are already out on the market (really only Spectre Miniatures do MENA fighters with these sort of guns, and not many at that). If you’re looking for some militants with more traditional Soviet Bloc guns then SASM also have a set of Boko Haram fighters due who are wearing the same type of clothing, also sculpted by Igor Karpov.

The ISIS fighters will be available for $48 some time in September and are up for Pre-order now over on the SASM site:


There’s also a picture of this fella been shown

African Mercenaries - Tease

Who apparently will be part of a future line of African Mercenaries. Whether that means mercenaries fighting in Africa (likely against SASM’s Boko Haram) or Africans that are mercenaries, who can say. …They’ll likely be “acclimatised” to the region regardless. The great big bushy beard and bald head on this guy definitely does remind me of some news reels though… (and I love the incongruity SASM’s having with these modern lines between the traditional bits of dress and facial hair, against top of the line kit, kind of representing what actual irregular forces look like, not the spotless fighters that we’ve seen for the past decade from other manufacturers).


So, for today, July 20th, that’s what Special Artizan Service Miniatures have been up to. There’s still a while yet left in the month, so likely more to follow. To think that its just been over a week since my last post on the subject. If anything the speed at which this company’s been putting stuff out will hopefully give the other guys a boot to start at least showing off more of what’s been going on on their ends… 🙂

Oh, and for those looking to show a bit of support to the company, they’ve just came out with a T-shirt. In case you’re playing a game with their models and someone asks where they’re from (I dunno, whip up your hoodie and show off the T-shirt underneath if you’re that sort of guy).


Its also worth mentioning as I close this, that SASM have hinted at the potential for some Sci-Fi and Fantasy releases at some point in the future. So they may be worth an eye out for those into that sort of thing. Possible stuff which sound like they may work for a system that sounds a bit like “Korty K”. 😉 

Look forward to my first impressions of SASM’s new releases from last month, the SEALs and GROM going up later today once I can take some pictures. I’ll also hopefully have some more of my Eastern European stuff going up at some point over the weekend depending on whether I can manage to paint it or not. Till then, thanks for the support folks!

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