Now Painted – GMV Flyer 60

For your perusal, here’s the GMV Flyer 60 by Special Artizan Service Miniature’s now painted up. …Yeah, I’ve been super distracted this week so it took me forever. 🙂

I couldn’t find any of the promotional images of the Flyer with any sort of camouflage or insignia, so I went with just a regular tan colouring. To spice it up a bit it looks like its been through the wars with the weathering… Hopefully the cracked glass is at least semi-convincing. A tutorial for bullet resistance glass which has taken some impacts is something I’ll need to search out at some point.

Here’s it in a scene, with whatever desert like terrain I had to hand. …I.e. My fantasy stuff. Uh, let’s just say the alien language on the walls are pop-culture references. The Land Rover in the foreground with the Russian Orthodox Crucifix is perhaps a bit more blatant.

That’s all I’ve managed so far this week. I’m due to make a start on the infantry from the order, and ideally finish putting together at least one terrain piece soon. That is if I don’t become distracted by flashing colours, etc. Till next time. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Now Painted – GMV Flyer 60

    1. That company seems now committed to making 1/50th scale vehicles, instead of a mix of 28mm and 20mm stuff unfortunately. You could contact the owner and ask if there’s a possibility of course, but right now I’m not sure if there’s as much of a market for this already niche stuff in that scale to justify it (unless you petition him to release certain things that is).


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