Wargaming News: Spectre Miniatures New Releases/ Teases

Now time to check what’s been going on in another part of the world, Or rather a company a bit more closer to home.

Spectre Miniatures have put out some new products this week which I’d like to mention. As well as some “leaked” photographs of upcoming lines through their Social Media.



Over the weekend there Spectre came out with two new pieces of terrain, which hopefully will be the start of more building upgrade parts, similar to their vehicle range.

First up’s some Aircon units. The £3.50 set comes with four of these, presumably two of each design, which can be wall mounted or put on their ends to add to existing buildings (Spectre’s promotional imagery has Sarissa’s range).

Aircon - £3.50 - released over the weekend

Right now, the market’s perhaps not really want for more aircon units in 28mm compatible sizes. There’s already a few company’s out there doing them in their terrain ranges (check out the Lead Adventure forum link at the end of this section for a whole list of them). What I do see with these ones though is a bit more in terms of detail than the other manufacturers, with two designs per pack of course helping to add a bit of variety. In particular, from my own scouring of the internet, from what I can recall there was only two other companies selling these slimmer style of Aircon unit (and one’s gone out of business since).

They’ll do great for any contemporary building project, and I’ll certainly be picking up a handful for my own detailing (ah, especially after I managed to lose the similar ones I’d already bought in some bits box somewhere). If you want Aircon Units then I’d have to say these are probably the best on the market right now without forking quadrupal the price on Shapeways.

The second release over the weekend was a set of Satellite Dishes, again reasonably priced at four for £3.50.

Satellite Dishes - £3.50

These perhaps are a bit more sparse on the ground in terms of what’s already out there. From what I’m aware of only one other company’s currently offering Satellite Dishes in pewter in the scale (Empress). Spectre’s pieces again stand above what’s already out there in terms of the detail and overall quality of the miniatures. With the dish mounts having a bit more shape to them than Empress’ flat wires. As well as the simple addition of a ring to the end of the antenna giving that little bit extra detail.

It appears the set comes with two types of mounts, one for mounting them on the side of buildings, and another on top of something. If you only get two of each it doesn’t look like it would be too difficult to twist the mount to suit either position.

Spectre also showed off the add-ons attached to a Sarissa building.

Cartel - Specops in background1

Which leads me onto the next section…



Anyone who’s followed certain large miniature’s company’s News and Rumours will be well acquainted with these “accidental” workbench shots (hey, at least its not an out of focus shot of next month’s White Dwarf!). Spectre’s released more than a few pictures of upcoming projects this way. For more details on earlier pictures (some of which still aren’t out yet), I’d recommend checking out Spectre’s Facebook pages, Instagram, or Michael Charge’s blog – linked below.


I’ll talk about the two most recent teases here.

In the above terrain image we can see some “Greens” in the background, which appear to be a mix of potentially Cartel and Special Forces (or possibly even all Cartel!).

Cartel - Specops in background2

With what I assume to be Cartel at least, they appear to be a bit heavier armed than the existing range, perhaps giving the Cartel some more support weapons on top of the Flamethrower they already have (the second figure on the right appears to have an automatic shotgun). Which given how sparse on the ground these type of figures (ah, specifically shirtless Mexican guys) are, will likely be appreciated.

The models on the left I’m not so sure of. Likely Special Forces, with a distinctive type of rifle with a long (perhaps integrated) suppressor. Its difficult to tell with the quality of the image, but they look like bullpups. Its sheer speculation, they could be anything from QBZ-95s to a Russian VKS.

Which I suppose leads us onto the next of these leaks.

Earlier in the week Spectre showed off one of their Humvees done up like its in use by Middle Eastern Militants.

Spetsnaz in background1

In the back of this shot we can see some Greens which appear to be fresh from sculpting.

Spetsnaz in background2 - still greens- prompted by SASM release schedule...

Now with this lot they’re wearing some of those now seemingly iconic bump helmets which modern Special Forces are wearing. The rest of their gear is a bit more obscured, but the guys in the middle appear to be wearing Ballistic Vests which extend down beneath the waist similar to the Russian KPPO Vityaz-O.

My speculation towards that particular style of vest comes from what that figure in the middle’s wearing on his back. Whilst the rifle is too obscured to tell if its an AK or PKM, the way the belt feeds over his shoulder like that indicates he’s wearing one of these.

The Russians and their allies have been testing out these “Scorpio” belt fed systems for the past couple of years, with them seeing combat usage in both Syria and Ukraine. Ah, frankly when it comes to Russian miniatures I’m in the “take my money” state, but with one of these specifically I’m biting at the bit. Heh, now someone just make some of those fancy exoskeletons they’re trialling in Syria. 🙂

Its perhaps me drawing conclusions, but it may be interesting to note that the figure on the far right of this second group appears to be armed with the same rifle as those on the left of the first set. Given from what I can see from the other three figures on the left, they all seem to have Russian weaponry. In which case it would be suitable to think that the guy on the far right would also be Russian (ah, or a Syrian with Russian guns..). In which case as far as Russian bullpup rifles with that profile we’re kind of short on the ground. …Unless its an ADS Amphibious Rifle with a suppressor of all things (which of course can be used on land)?!


Well we all like a good bit of speculation. It’ll turn out that all of these figures are Greek Military Police or something…

In the world of my own miniatures, things have been a bit slow lately. The GMV Flyer’s being painted currently, as am I working on a new terrain piece which I’ll hopefully have in a postable state in the next few days. Expect further articles along the lines of this one later in the week once I’ve down my scout about the other companies (though one of them certainly seems to be posting more news than the others…)

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