Once More for Clarity

Whilst most of my current interest is towards miniatures in a modern setting, I couldn’t help myself from making another Space Marine to go with the first. …Perhaps in part from me waiting on delivery of bits so that I can work on more modern stuff, and don’t have the heart to start on something larger.

This one again is mostly made from bits from Games Workshop’s Primaris Space Marine kit. As far as I can tell just his head and weapons are from others (their Space Wolf kit, and Mantic Games Skeleton set respectively). The head’s a bit oversized, though fits the aesthetic of the company without being as over the top of most of their other models (the ones the set comes with are larger). The weapons too are quite large for regular humans, but do for this super human figure, whilst being nowhere near as large as the comparatively smaller weapons Games Workshop gives its normal human soldiers. A quote by the Youtuber ScholaGladiatoria is brought to mind, “Why swing a huge weapon slowly, when you can swing a regular sized weapon faster than your average fighter”…

I’m not sure if the fox over his shoulders is entirely convincing. …Ah, I guess its a Space Fox! Something else to tie in the fantastical knight look, though hopefully details like this aren’t a bit too over the top?

At least these go to show what you can do with this type of kit. With the setting these Space Marines are mostly wearing the same underlying armour, its how they individually modify them which characterises each of the Chapters. So you could easily do up one of these models to look like some techy sci-fi warrior, or a Celtic style barbarian with the right set of bits and clay. For the moment there’s still another eight left in the box, so I’ll likely make a few more eventually (one with a ball and chain could be cool, or giving someone a shield – though if we’re going for that medieval knight look, most of them did away with shields later on).

On order right now are some sprues from Perry Miniature’s Agincourt line, which should work as the human serfs serving these figures. I’d had a look through the sprues I mainly use for my Elder Scrolls miniatures, however as I mostly make Morrowind themed models (which has more Eastern aesthetics) I’m a bit short on European miniatures. Those Perry Miniatures soldiers look just the thing for doing up as pseudo Medieval sci-fi serfs. The idea’s to mix in bits and bobs of sci-fi armour, prosthetic limbs, etc to make them look a bit weirder. Though I’m not 100% sold on giving them guns, as I don’t have many which are the right scale without fitting in with Games Workshop’s patently huge style, though I could maybe get away with giving them wrist mounted pistols, or laser muskets, etc. Thinking about it, most knights carried melee weapons, supported by lighter armoured soldiers carrying ranged weapons, so the odd rifle may fit in with the look which I’m going for.

…And laser muskets can be cool. πŸ™‚

Anyhow, normal service shall resume later in the week once the Post Man turns up with all those bits I ordered. πŸ™‚

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