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My Elder Scrolls miniature collection’s been an ongoing, if intermittent project since the release of the Frostgrave ruleset. That system is based around warbands investigating (and looting) the ruins of an ancient magical city, with rules for levelling up the characters leading the fighters, as well as pretty extensive loot tables. I quickly picked up the game and used it to represent The Elder Scrolls video games; following on from my earlier Fallout and S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Projects. Setting the game in the ruins of the Island of Vvradenfell post The Red Year (which destroyed much of the island).

If you haven’t already seen it, I have a thread linked in the “Forum Links” page covering the project. For the moment its on hiatus as I work on my Modern miniatures and try and rangle players for a campaign in the setting. The recent idea which I had for the system was to build a Dwemer Ruin and all the associated Centurions, a Dwarven themed warband, etc, which would be expected, and that will be something which I work on eventually. For the moment though, without anyone willing to play I haven’t had the drive to finish that particular part of my collection.

Telvanni Master Wizard

Here’s a short return to the setting as I await some deliveries for my other projects. The Telvanni Master Wizard’s been sitting giving me a look for a while now, so it seems like its time to paint him.

And unpainted. 🙂

For scale here he is next to the earlier Orc Warlord.

Though of course in reality he’s the height of a regular Dark Elf beneath those robes, but levitating and wearing an impressive set of clothes to make himself seem more imposing to his underlings (even with the hunched back).

That hopefully makes my collection of Telvanni Wizards for Frostgrave complete, with an alternative model for both the Wizard and Apprentice for when they level up. In retrospect maybe I should have painted this guy in blue robes so he looked more like his younger self.

I guess his old robes had the wrong enchantments. 😛

What’s a Vermai?

In other news I came across these miniatures made for the Achtung! Cthulhu game. They’re called “Night Gaunts”, and seem to fit the bill for Daedra. I’m considering either replacing their heads and doing them up as Scamps, or just greenstuffing on some bits to the heads and making them Vermai (from the spin off game Battlespire). Unfortunately they were a bit expensive at £14 for free, like most of the stuff for that game, so I probably won’t be buying any more.

Vermai from the Tamriel Rebuilt mod for Morrowind:

I’m erring towards the Vermai as they have a more lizard like appearance and wouldn’t require as much work to make them suitable. Whilst Scamps would require fur and an entirely new head. Though Scamps are more iconic, compared to the other forgotten type of Daedra from a game nobody played. Maybe The Elder Scrolls Online will feature them, as that has been including some weird types from the lore so far.

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