And Now for Something a Bit Different…

Space Marines! …Bet nobody saw that coming. 🙂

Way back when I used to have a Chaos Space Marine army. The rules changed and I fell out of the setting. As with most projects I was more into them for the modelling opportunities than the game itself, but the company’s handling of the setting and community really turned me off collecting the models as just a hobby.

Instead I turned to expanding out the terrain set which I’d been making for playing games of Warhammer 40,000, and instead of making it purely 40K themed as it had been originally, I turned it into a Fallout miniatures project and never looked back.

With Games Workshop’s release of official “True Scale” Space Marines I thought I’d pick some up for nostalgia’s sake. My Chaos Space Marines had been “Tall” Marines exclusively, involving me haphazardly cutting them up and lengthening out the joints. They still looked stupid, but not as bad as the base models. These new official models continue to have proportional issues, though the cool factor’s enough for me not to turn my nose up as much at these latest releases.

Here’s the start on a short run of Space Marines which I’ll likely be building just as a hobby project rather than for any wargaming (maybe at best an odd home brew skirmish game).

The First Shot

With this first I went for a Loyalist look. Doing what I could to turn the new style of armour into something a bit more classical, at least without tearing the whole model apart.

There’s a kind of “King Arthur’s Court” thing going on with them (though the other’s still being put together). I was going for a Gothic knight look, emphasising that each individual Space Marine’s supposed to be some heroic figure. So these aren’t really intended to be leaders in the force, rather just individual knights in a Chapter full of similarly styled warriors.

I’ve been a bit inspired by the work of the Deviant Art user Sttheo, though that user’s since moved away from the subject matter and deleted a lot of their earlier work. A blend of Arthurian Knights and the early Codex Daemon Hunters artwork. My own guys aren’t supposed to really be tied to any of the Inquisitorial orders, just regular old Space Marines out in the galaxy somewhere.

If I continue the project I may make some human servants for them. Mixing Flak Armour with bits of Knightly attire to make them look like squires, or finding a model with larger proportions and turning them into a Space Marine’s Neophyte. A Chaos Space Marine could be an option as well (I certainly have enough spare parts). Seeing as these aren’t for any purpose having a range of figures is definitely an option, though as I type this having more similarly attired loyalists and serfs is becoming more appealing.

…But I have more modern stuff to play with at this second, so we’ll table that idea for another day. 🙂

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