Taking the Plunge

Well I guess here’s another of my hastily named projects. Ah, I think this one’s to do with Balsa Wood or something; or I could be taking a turn into discussing the local flora…

When considering my current reem of existing forum threads they tend to be exclusively focused on one subject, without much leeway for introducing other topics without derailing the thread or the other content seeming a bit token. The idea behind this blog is to keep going with those existing threads, but to have a place to collect all that content together and be able to post about the other stuff which I’ve been up to lately.

So, the plan so far is to keep to weekly update on what’s been going on, as well as a smattering of other content like game pictures and possibly the odd thread on other things of interest (somewhere to post about those research spirals I have when searching for images of technicals one night). That Kaiju game which I played this week for instance seems a bit out of place in my 28mm moderns thread. .

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